Unique Experiences in FijiKava with visitors (CREDIT - Mark Snyder)

Looking to blaze your own trail and explore the hidden gems? Check out Fiji, a South Pacific destination that’s home to a myriad of never-seen-before cultural sites and attractions spread across its 333 islands, making it a unique country for adventure-seeking families and couples. Go off-the-beaten path to discover Fiji’s unique experiences.

Uniquely Fijian Experiences For Families and Couples

Savour Lovo

Lovingly cooked in an earth oven, Lovo is a Fijian delicacy comprising a variety of meats, fish and vegetables wrapped in banana and coconut leaves, then placed on top of the heated stones and simmered for a few hours, pending the quantity of the feast placed within. Lovo is typically prepared for large communal celebrations and or ceremonies, including weddings and festivals.

Shop For Unique Handicrafts

From shops, boutiques, supermarkets and duty-free shops, the Fiji Islands’ is a shopaholic’s paradise for island crafts. The handicraft markets present the opportunity to find that special something at bargain prices! Locally made traditional gifts include handmade, carefully designed tapa cloths and goods like mats, baskets, purses, fans, carvings and pottery.  Don’t forget to support the local economy by making purchases with the “Fijian Made” stamp.

Stay in a Bure

Fiji has some wonderful traditional infused accommodation called ‘bure’ that are exotic love nest for couples. Opt for a ‘bure’ on the beach for the best places to watch a stunning sunset or sunbathe on the beach with your loved one.

Visit Kalevu Cultural Centre

Offering a glimpse into the lives of the Fijian people, the Kalevu Cultural Centre is the best place to understand the nation’s history, culture and customs. Embark on an hour’s journey through Fiji’s time-honoured “Bures” or traditional houses where visitors can also witness interactive demonstrations including pottery and Tapa Cloth-making! If time allows, partake in a Lovo buffet lunch to experience a truly authentic Fijian meal cooked from the ground.

Natural Thermal Mud Spa

Your trip to Fiji is incomplete without experiencing the therapeutic natural thermal mud pools at Sabeto in Nadi; one of Fiji’s hidden jewels.  Soak in the lush natural surroundings while having fun applying rejuvenating mud generously on yourself and your loved one.

Ride The Rails At Ecotrax

Unique Experiences in Fiji
Ecotrax Group | Photo from Ecotrax Fiji

Embark on the ultimate family experience together on the electric-assisted bicycles mounted side by side on a carriage on the old sugar cane tram line.  As you and your family cruise along the rails, discover beautiful bush, villages and fields, rarely accessed part of Fiji, and magical scenery with a surprise around every corner.

Quad Biking

Unique Experiences in Fiji
Quad Girl | Photo from Logan Dodds

Embark on an immersive journey of Fiji on a quad bike. Venture through the destination’s pine forests, coastal sand dunes and plateaus. Stop by a cultural village and partake in a time-honoured kava ceremony with the locals. Combining adventure, sightseeing and cultural immersion all in one activity, Quad Biking is an ideal way to get around and get to know Fiji.

Soft coral diving

Dubbed the “Soft coral capital of the world”, Fiji is ideal for adventure seekers looking to explore the vibrancy of its vast underwater life. One of the best diving spots is the Rainbow Reef, Fiji’s popular site for scuba diving that’s nestled in the passage between Vanua Levu and Taveuni. The reefs are dense, with soft and hard corals packed tightly together to form mountains of life – some rising with enough verticality that divers can swim through the middle where tunnels form.

Scenic Flights

Unique Experiences in Fiji
Sandbank Picnic Wide Angle | Photo from Tourism Fiji

What better way to see the beauty of Fiji’s islands than to hop on a scenic helicopter flight and or seaplane. Offering unparalleled bird’s eye views of the destination, fly over tropical rainforests, spectacular waterfalls and the Mount Evans Ranges – or even over the Mamanuca Islands!

With plenty of uniquely Fijian experiences to see, do and uncover, Fiji is the perfect destination for families and couples seeking a unique experience under the sun. Visit Fiji today for a memorable experience!