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Vietnam Travel Guide: Attractions You Could Visit in the Peaceful City of Hoi An

Planning to visit the humble yet beautiful city of Hoi An? Here’s a new Vietnam travel guide to start off your year of travels

Although many people think that a Vietnam travel escapade only includes a visit to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, there’s also another place packed with Vietnam attractions that deserves our attention The name? Hoi An! Boasting of unreal beauty thanks to its ancient places and natural attractions. Check out these places to visit in Hoi An, Vietnam before you book that ticket!


Attractions in Hoi An:

Ancient Town

Hoi An attractions and hotels | Vietnam Travel Guide | Travel141

Don’t miss visiting the ancient town of Hoi An. Whether you want to visit during the morning, catch the sunset in the afternoon, or see the lanterns light up the evening, this place will surely brighten your trip to Hoi An. You can also ride a boat and take a tour along the Bon River.


Old House of Tan Ky

The home of Tan Ky has been existing for more than 200 years old, being passed down to seven generations of the same Vietnamese family. The house has unique features like the pulleys that lift home furniture from the flood, wooden balcony, Chinese-designed beams, and more. Find the beauty in ancient architecture as you go to this museum and residence where you can receive a warm welcome from the family members.


Japanese Bridge

Hoi An attractions and hotels | Vietnam Travel Guide | Travel141

The Japanese bridge, known as the Cau Chua Pagoda, was built to link Tran Phu Street and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street. It’s known to be one of the most popular places to visit in Hoi An because of its unique feature which is similar to the Japanese pagoda.


Cantonese Assembly Hall

Hoi An attractions and hotels | Vietnam Travel Guide | Travel141

The Cantonese assembly hall, also known as Quang Trieu, is a place where the Chinese visitors and residents gather to worship and give honour to Thien Hau. It is one of the famous attractions in Hoi An because of its structure and decorations. If you want to pay a visit, the hall is just right next to the Cau Pagoda.


Old House of Phun Hung

The Old House of Phun Hung, built in the 18th century, serves as a museum and a home to more than eight generations of the same family. You will be guided by Ms. Anh, the current owner, to her family’s unique home that features a blend of Chinese and Japanese influence on its architectural design.


An Bang Beach

Hoi An attractions and hotels | Vietnam Travel Guide | Travel141

If you want a good place to have fun under the sun while you’re in Vietnam, hit the An Bang Beach in Hoi An. This lovely beach features white sand, palm trees, chairs with shades, and of course the tranquil blue ocean. If you feel hungry, food vendors are all lined up. Truly it is perfect for a summer getaway.


Hoi An Night Market

Hoi An attractions and hotels | Vietnam Travel Guide | Travel141

Like any other night markets in Asia, Hoi An Night Market is also vibrant and lively when it opens at 5 pm. You can shop for souvenirs, clothes, food, or even colourful lanterns. It is perfect especially when buying gifts for your loved ones. Otherwise, you can try out different street foods including grilled squid, barbecues, and more.



Vietnam Travel Guide’s Hotel Suggestions:

Wondering where to stay in Hoi An? Here are some Vietnam hotels we recommend you to look at:


Royal Hoi An by Sofitel

Hoi An attractions and hotels | Vietnam Travel Guide | Travel141

Photo Courtesy: Royal Hoi An MGallery by Sofitel | Accor Hotels

Want to have a beautiful view of the ancient town and Bon River while sipping your coffee or tea? Royal Hoi An MGallery by Sofitel has the perfect location for that. This charming hotel has a modern style with a touch of Japanese and Vietnamese design that’s refreshing to the guests. They offer 187 luxurious and spacious rooms for your comfort.

Address: 39 Dao Duy Tu Street, Cam Pho Ward, 51000, Hoi An, Vietnam

Book your stay here.


Hoi An Historic Hotel

Hoi An attractions and hotels | Vietnam Travel Guide | Travel141

Photo Courtesy: Hoi An Historic Hotel

Feel more away from the city when you stay at Hoi An Historic Hotel. This hotel is surrounded by lush garden and is very accessible to the Cua Dai Beach. The hotel provides 150 standard rooms and suites. You can also join and take part in cooking classes and learn a lot of Vietnamese cuisines.

Address: 10 Tran Hung Dao St., Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province, Viet Nam

Book your stay here.


Lantana Boutique Hotel & Spa

Another hotel suitable for comfort and relaxation is the Lantana Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa. Immerse in full relaxation as you pamper yourself with the Lantana spa treatment. Lantana has modern yet comfortable rooms designed with warm and welcoming interiors.

Address: 9 Thoai Ngoc Hau Street, Hoi An Ancient Town, Quang Nam

Make a reservation here.


Make sure to enjoy your Hoi An adventure when you visit Vietnam. Read up on our Vietnam travel guide for more places to visit and things to do in Vietnam!

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